* * *

I can't believe how fast time flies. It seems like a week went by and January was gone. I can't keep up with time anymore but I am trying to make sure that I use every day to better myself. *HINT*HINT* I am liking myself more and more as the days float on by! I can't lie- there are still tough days. I am human. But, I am optimistic and excited for whats to come. Growing up one of my lucky numbers was 13, so I have a great feeling about this year.

* * *

My three best girl friends and I are throwing an anti-valentines day/singles awareness day tomorrow! This is the first time in history that we have all been single at the same time for valentines day, so we are taking advantage of it- with lots of wine, cookies and oh so many chick flicks. You jealous?

* * *

I am moving at the end of march! While I originally wanted to run away to Portland, Oregon and start a completely new life-- an opportunity struck and it just felt right to stay in California for a little bit longer. I'm moving into a house with one of my best friends and all of our cute n cuddly animals. This year has been so good to me so far and while I feel a bit overwhelmed with how much there is still to do (and pay for!)- I am happier and happier with every day!

* * *

Yoga! I have horrible balance and have lost a lot of my flexibility over the years and want it back! I have a simple De-stressing yoga DVD and I enjoy the break from reality as I meditate and sweat out all my stress. I want to try some more intense yoga such as seen all over instagram tagged as #inversionarmy. If you haven't checked it out- you should! Some of these poses these guys and girls do are intense!

So that's some things that are currently going on in this brain of mine as of lately. Hope you enjoyed :)

PS- all photos stolen from pinterest or weheartit!


Estate Sale Day.

It has been quite some time since I had ventured to an estate sale and today my mom and I headed to two local ones promising to be awesome "diggers". Digger estate sales are ones that are usually really dirty, unorganized, and the family just wants the house empty- so they sell most of the stuff in bulk once you have uncovered it from layers of dust. There is a lot of sneezing and spontaneous "EW!"'s being proclaimed... but in the end some of the coolest stuff can be found.

Both estate sales we went to today ended up being just OKAY. I'm glad I went because they're were definitely some awesome pictures to be taken and I found a few trinkets that I was happy to snag. I'm really hoping that estate sales will become a more common occurrence in my life once again. I absolutely love them and the "hunt" for cool new pieces either for me or my shop. Thrift stores in the orange county area can seem rather disappointing at most times because they are either way too picked over or the thrift shop is trying to be a "boutique" and have overpriced everything. So, an estate sale is a great escape from the mundane over-shopped thrift stores in your area and I usually will find a couple in the local pennysaver or online every week.
Hope you enjoy my pics of todays adventure.





I love my cats. I love all cats. I am a self proclaimed Cat Lady. But lately my cats have ATTITUDE.

Mainly my eldest cat, Cheshire (Brown Egyptian Mau mix) he is being such a dick lately. He picks on the girl kitty, meows incessantly at night and then stands on my chest every morning meowing in my face to wake up. God forbid I sleep in, huh?

Have any of you had issues with your cats being overwhelmingly DIVA-esque? I'm wondering what will help ease a bit of the 'pain' on my end.